Wembley. 2/3/14.

It’s when you’re walking around London and you see 2 lads in a red and white jersey and they roar in their deep broad north east accent “Haway The Lads” and then you enter a shouting match with them on the busy streets of London. It’s about walking for miles upon miles only to stumble upon a street party and celebrating the event with 3,000 random people you never met before. It’s about ,having you’re first drink, with you’re dad on Wembley Way. It’s about getting off at Wembley Park tube station and seeing everyone in awe of the arches and the walk, young and old. It’s about walking up that mile path seeing you’re teams flag flying over Wembley for the first time since 1998. It’s about hearing people share their experience about where they were in 73, when Porterfield scored that glorious goal and Montgomery pulled off the impossible double save. It’s about looking behind you on Wembley way and seeing a sea of red and white, holding onto one single dream which has been passed down from father to father. It’s about seeing young people as young as 4 who have never experienced this. It’s about seeing the old men who were there in 73,85,92,98 and think this could be my last final I see this team who have broken and crushed my heart numerous occasion. It’s about scanning that sacred ticket you know people would kill for, it’s about community. It’s about seeing 11 men in red and white walking onto the sacred hollow turf of Wembley. It’s about seeing a four year old boy who may die tomorrow lead out the team. It’s about kissing a man you never seen before. It’s about crying into you’re hands as your dream slowly fades away. It’s about singing you’re heart out, until you run out of breath, voice and energy. It’s not about trophies, money, players, it’s about Sunderland AFC.  image_update_img


2 thoughts on “Wembley. 2/3/14.

  1. A heartfelt story of a true fans experience in London on the way to Wembley, excellently told so that you can actually feel the enthusiasm and pride! Well done!

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